Starptautiskais tūrisma filmu festivāls


International  Tourism  Film  Festival


International tourism film festival „Tourfilm-Riga 2018” regulations

1.  International tourism film festival „Tourfilm-Riga 2018” organized by Riga City Council will take a place in Riga on 27th of April, 2018.

2. The aim of event is :
-  to show and judge audio-visual products - tourism films;
-  to promote Riga.

3. Festival audience:
- Tourism professionals to gain experience, learning about trends in the area of tourism film industry;
-  Stakeholders to gain visual information about the potential tourism destinations in Latvia and abroad.

4.  The competition includes 7 categories:

  1. - Tourism Destination (City, region, country),
  2. - Culture Tourism (people, culture, traditions, arts, music),
  3. - Eco Tourism (environmental issues, ecology, nature, green tourism, rural tourism),
  4. - Adventure Tourism (expeditions, sports - hiking, biking, skiing, etc.),
  5. - Tourism Services (hotels and resorts, wellness and spa, transportation, travel agencies),
  6. - Events, Fairs and Congresses,
  7. - Latvian Tourism Product.

5.  The following productions are accepted : commercials, promotionals and documentaries (up to 30 minutes).
-    The film must present tourism product or the determined city, region or state as a tourism destination;
-    Film that is not older than three years;
-    The film must be not longer than 30 minutes;
-    The film must be in the excellent technical condition.

6.  Application form must be submitted out online in the web page of the festival

7.  Closing date for entries - 5th of March 2018.

8.  Film must be submitted
-   a film-file must be uploaded on the ftp server (address: user: rtkic, password: Nukbauch9 ), or should be sent us using any online file transfer service, such as WeTransfer. Recommended file format - MP4, resolution - 1080p.
-    a link to the film that is uploaded on one of video-sharing websites (Youtube or Vimeo) should be included in the Application form.

9. Films are demonstrated and judged as well as Application of film is accepted without the charge.

10. Expenses that are connected with sending materials are covered by the Applicant. The film is not returned to the Applicant.

11. Signing the Application Inquiry Form and submitting the film, the Applicant is responsible for the content of registered film and for observing copyrights, as well as agrees on screening the film during the Show free of charge and agrees that the film will be posted on the Festival web page.

12. The Board of festival has rights not to include in the festival those films and clips which content, or the technical quality does not conform to Regulations of the festival.

13.  The film is judged by a professional international jury according to the following criteria:
(Each entry will be valuated with a maximal of 50 points):
    Concept                   1- 10 points   
    Creativity                   1- 10 points  
    Visual performance         1- 10 points   
    Acoustic impression         1- 10 points   
    Information value             1- 10 points 

14. According to assessment, the jury awards:
      - The main award – Grand Prix;
      - Award in each of the nominations;
      - Award of jury.

15. Festival's official language is Latvian and English.

16.  International tourism film festival Tourfilm-Riga" is a member of the International Committee of Tourism Film Festival (CIFFT).