Starptautiskais tūrisma filmu festivāls


International  Tourism  Film  Festival

The International Tourism Film Festival „Tourfilm-Riga 2020” regulations

1. The International Tourism Film Festival "Tourfilm Riga 2020" organized by the Riga City Council will be held in Riga on 29th of May, 2020.
2. The aim of the event is
  • to show and judge audio-visual products - tourism films;
  • to promote Riga.
3. Festival audience:
  • tourism professionals to gain experience, learning about trends in the area of tourism film industry;
  • stakeholders to gain visual information about the potential tourism destinations in Latvia and abroad.
4. The competition includes 7 categories:
  • Tourism Destination - City
  • Tourism Destination - Region
  • Tourism Destination - Country
  • Tourism Products (Cultural tourism; Health & Wellness tourism; Gastronomy tourism; Eco tourism; Religious tourism; Shopping tourism; Cruise tourism; MICE, incentives, congresses and events; Medical tourism; Enotourism; Rural tourism; Sports Tourism)
  • Tourism Services (Hotels & Resorts; Air Transport Services; Maritime Transport services; Restaurants; Tourism entertainment; Tour operators and agencies; Transports - car rental; Sightseeing; Cruises; Other tourism services (e.g., tour guiding, etc.)
  • Independent Travel Video (Videos about cities, regions and countries produced by independent filmmakers and video bloggers. Travel TV reportages)
  • Latvian Tourism Product.
5. The following production types are accepted: TV commercials and video advertising (Ads) up to 1 minute, brand/promotional videos and videos for digital media up to 15 minutes ; Tourism video campaigns, Video travel series; independent travel videos, video travel bloggers and travel TV reportage/documentaries up to 30 minutes.
The film must:
  • present tourism products and services or the determined city, region or state as a tourism destination;
  • not be older than three years;
  • be no longer than 30 minutes;
  • be in an excellent technical condition.
6. The Application Form must be filled in and submitted online on the web page of the Festival Personal data will not be disclosed or transferred to 3rd parties.
7. Closing date for entries - 7th of March 2020.
8. Film must be submitted
  • a link to the film that is uploaded on one of the video-sharing websites (Youtube or Vimeo) should be included in the Application Form;
  • upon request of the Festival Board a film-file should be submitted using any online file transfer service, such as WeTransfer, etc. (recommended file format - MP4, resolution - 1080p).
9. Throughout the process of the Festival all the submitted films are accepted, judged and demonstrated free of charge.
10. By signing the Application Form and submitting the film, the Applicant takes responsibility for the content of registered film and for observing copyrights, as well as agrees on screening the film during the Show free of charge and agrees that the film will be posted on the Festival's web page as well as on the CIFFT home page "Rank list", in case of the award. Check the CIFFT rank list
11. The Festival Board has the rights to not include those films and clips in the Festival which content or the technical quality does not conform to Regulations of the festival.
12. The film is judged by a professional international jury according to the following criteria (1-10):
  • Impact - what you feel when you first view the Entry. Does the video evoke an emotion from the viewer? Does the video engage you from the onset or does it lose momentum?
  • Creativity - how the Entrant was able to convey their idea, message or thought in an original and imaginative way through their lens, narrative, performance, etc.
  • Style - how the Entrant is able to showcase their personal originality and technique to influence how the video is presented and interpreted.
  • Subject Matter - was the subject matter addressed in the narrative, performance and music (if applicable) in the video appropriately represent the Sponsor’s promotional theme?
  • Storytelling - how the Entrant is able to let their Video Entry evoke the viewer’s imagination, which may differ by each viewer. Is the story being told the right story for the Sponsor and their brand?
13. According to the assessment, the Jury awards
  • The main award - Grand Prix;
  • Awards (1st prize/gold, 2nd prize/silver, 3rd prize/bronze) in each of the nominations;
  • Award of the Jury.
14. Festival's official language is Latvian and English.
15. Since 2009 the International Tourism Film Festival "Tourfilm Riga" is an official member of the International Committee of Tourism Film Festivals –CIFFT.
For more info please visit:
Meet the CIFFT Festivals: Click Here
16. Grand Prix CIFFT Circuit - Rank List
All awarded films are eligible for the GRAND PRIX CIFFT CIRCUIT, the award for the World's Best Tourism Film and the World's Best Tourism Commercial and will be displayed on the CIFFT Rank List available on
Grand Prix CIFFT Ranking Points are given to the winners at the CIFFT Member Festivals. See the full list of our Festival Members:
All films related to the promotion of tourism that compete individually in member festivals or are registered through the CIFFT Full Entry Service are eligible for the CIFFT Rank List.
  • The CIFFT Rank List includes six categories.
  • The Grand Prix CIFFT Ranking Points are given to the winners of the CIFFT member festivals.
  • The CIFFT Rank List determines the World’s Best Tourism Films in each of the six categories.
The rating is expressed on a scale from 2 to 10. The film receives points according to the award obtained in the festival. For that purpose, the following scoring is used in the Ranking:
  • Grand Prix – 10 points
  • 1st prize/Gold – 7 points
  • 2nd prize/Silver/Best or arts&craft – 5 points
  • 3rd Prize/Bronze – 3 points
  • Honor Mention/Certificate/Diploma – 2 Points
  • National Competition (Best Film) – 2 Points


Special Notes:

  • In case a film receives more than one award, only the highest award will be taken into account for the rank list.
  • The awards obtained at the CIFFT candidate festivals do not count for the CIFFT Rank List.
  • The CIFFT Rank List will be updated and published on our website, as authorized by each entrant, the week after the Awards Ceremony of each festival.
You can check the CIFFT Rank List through this link: